Estrella Galicia isn't only a beer: it's a brand that supports resistance.
To celebrate a cup title, we decided to honor the players.


"To have reached São Paulo's Cup final may seem craziness, but really crazy is the fact we got to every final this year. ALL OF THEM. It's not coincidence, it's resistance, dedication, effort, exertion, passion! We resist everyday, in practice, in games, in life! It's not coincidence, it's craziness, it's resistance, it's the dream of becoming a professional player coming true. Congratulations for being 2019 São Paulo's Cup champions. Estrella Galicia and Corinthians, together for the resistance in women's soccer."

"Save Corinthians, the champion of the champions."
"Women's soccer is being noticed, but we want more, we want the full glass."
"They say we are crazy. They speak too much."
"Appreciate these memories moderately. Get a Estrella Galicia 0,0%."
"In the game against prejudice, resistance is our strategy."
"Women in the spotlight. In and out of stadiums."
"Save Corinthians, São Paulo's Champion."
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